RCVS CertAVP Veterinary Primary Care modules

The RCVS now recognise a Certificate in Veterinary Primary Care, which can then form the basis of an application for Advanced Practitioner Status in Veterinary Primary Care. Information about the CertAVP(VPC) can be downloaded here.

In conjunction with the Royal Veterinary College, Vet Learning provides courses and assessment for the following primary care 'C' modules:

Enrolment for the module costs £95 and assessment £525, but Vet Learning is able to offer a range of comprehensive support options to help you through the process - contact us for more information. They can be taken individually, but those working towards a primary care Certificate are required to choose three of these or modules plus one other module of their choice. At the end of the course, a synoptic assessment in portfolio format is required to demonstrate that the applicant has met all the learning outcomes for the qualification.