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Providing RCVS CertAVP modules in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College

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Vet Learning is run by practicing vets, for practicing vets. Our whole ethos focuses around developing the skills that primary care practitioners need to optimise their work balance and clinical outcomes. We are a CIC, which means that we are a not-for-profit organisation working for the benefit of the veterinary community as a whole. 

Providing the support that practitioners require

It's challenging to undertake a structured qualification, and we offer the support that is required to improve the chances of success. Most of us remain generalists throughout our career, yet many still feel that to become more advanced, they need to become more specialised. We develop the skills that really make a difference to our clinical performance in general practice.

Learning in the workplace

Whilst formal courses have their place, we believe that the most effective way to develop primary care skills is to develop self-directed learning skills that enable practitioners to apply their theoretical knowledge to real life situations

Many practitioners become disillusioned due to the stresses that practice life can pose. Developing reflective practice skills can not only enhance job satisfaction, but also improve profitability - a true win-win outcome.

Job satisfaction is the key



We offer a range of courses designed to encourage work based learning for the busy practitioner:


RCVS CertAVP A module

The compulsory A module develops the supportive skills required for quality care. Our approach provides the support that candidates need to develop a reflective portfolio of their learning. 

CertAVP in Veterinary Primary Care

We provide a range of C modules that can be taken in their own right or contribute towards a CertAVP and RCVS Advanced Practitioner status in Veterinary Primary Care

MSc and Professional Doctorate 

For those wanting to progress on from their CertAVP we are able to provide Master's degrees and Professional Doctorates in Veterinary General Practice


We are a group of professionals who, since 2000, have dedicated ourselves to defining and developing the competences required for excellence in primary care. 


Our objective is to never again hear a veterinarian say:

"I'm only a general practitioner"!



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